Here I am again

Hello dear (lovely, beautiful) readers,

Hopefully you are all doing fine, such a while I didn’t write something.

I felt very alone, depressed and totally lost. How come? I will tell you in this new blog:


As you might know I’ve travelled for 6 months in 21 countries, I started in December 2017 and ended in June 2018. What an experience, I’ve never had such nice moment in my life as in those several months. I can tell you.

Why do I have such a bad feeling afterwards? I think that everybody that had the same travel experience will agree with me or recognize the same situation.

Meeting new people the whole time, adapting yourself the whole time to new places (guesthouses, hostels, etc.), the climates are changing continually, food is also changing in every new country I was visiting. To me I loved it to meet those people/friends, to discover new tastes/ingredients and to be sure I’ve did my ultimate best to adapt myself to the local culture.

When you go back home after this huge mix of emotions, positives and negative vibes, it’s not easy to face the daily life with the same habits back home. For a few months I was able to do whatever I want, but at a moment you have to go back. I’m not able (yet) to face this return home, I feel so alone and not understood by others, as I left for a little time this can be normal.

I’ve always been a gypsy, like ‘The Gypsy Hiker’ but I changed my name to ‘The Human Plane World’ as this suits better to the stories I want to tell you with this blog.

Feeling bad in Japan video


I’ll keep you up to date with how I feel very soon, I would like to thank you for the support and love.



I’m flying with the wind

The Human Plane World


4 thoughts on “Here I am again

  1. I agree that after spending so much time traveling like you did, there is an emotional letdown when you return home. I also found that few people around me really understood what I was feeling. That really is to be expected , since few individuals take on an adventure like the one you did. It gets better, and you can always use it as motivation to plan your next one.

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    1. HELLO Icefogger, welcome and thanks for sharing! Yes this letdown is very difficult to control, I don’t know how to do so. Yes and lives goes on for everybody so when you come back you had such an experience but you cannot expect people to wait for you in your country. Cheers thanks for sharing I appreciate it a lot


  2. This feeling will pass – eventually. It is difficult to settle down after long travels like yours but think positive and start planning your next holiday even if it’s two years away. Right now I presume you have to work, so get into it and enjoy it, it’s another experience, and after all, all those interesting people you met on your travels, they also had to work and keep on working when you moved along. Go on, you can do it!

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    1. Hii @maristravels this is a long time ago, you are one of my loyal readers thanks for that. I’m finally back on track to write my travel stories. Indeed not an easy thing and do hope it will pass. Yes I have to work and I’m working but that energy/adrenaline to travel and discover new things always wakes up while being here in Belgium. I have to yes, I have to move on in forward and not let myself down it’s true. Thanks for the love


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