Hi! My name is Vianney. I am orginally from France, but after a few family stories I ended up in Belgium, which is a very little country on this planet but has a lot of character.
You have to know that I am not the globetrotter who is travelling to 10 countries a year, which I envy though. I am still a (marketing) student, who is learning about the world market, marketing, bussines ethics, etc. Learning about other cultures and habits through business ethics is the most important thing to me.
We all live in a globalised world and everyone is connected to other cultures through the online story. I will use this blog during my adventures to connect the dots between different kinds of cultures and habits throughout the world.
Sharing my story with people, which are fascinated with the same passions as me, such as travelling, rationality and ideas, is my number one objective of this blog.
The first stop of my journey is Thailand. I will be there for about 1 month. I’ve already been to Thailand last year to help in an orphanage and a primary school for 2 weeks, but that wasn’t enough. That’s why I decided to go back to meet everyone again and to travel in the North of the country.
After this beautiful period I will return to Belgium to prepare everything for my 9-months-long experience in China. The first 6 months, I will be studying Economics in Hangzhou, it is the largest city of Zhejiang Province in Eastern China and about 180km of Shanghai. During this period I will, ofcourse, travel around differents parts of the beautiful country of China too.
I will hold my internship in Shanghai for another 3 months in an international organization wich gave me the biggest opportunity in my life
‘Bon voyage’