Sala Pao

You can compare it with a dumpling and it’s called Sala Pao. It’s a Thaï snack, which is very rich in flavour. You can choose which flavour (pork, chicken, beef etc.). If you don’t have a big stomach, than you will already be full after 1 or 2 “Sala Pao’s”. It is so that this… Read More Sala Pao

Pad Thaï

It’s difficult to live without food, but it’s even more difficult to be in Thailand without trying the delicious Pad Thaï. This is the 2nd most famous dish of Thailand, after ‘Som Tam’ which is a spicy Thai papaya salad. The fried noodle dish is generally served as a street dish. You can find it… Read More Pad Thaï


Tea leave: I have discovered this delicious snack/candy. I didn’t know what it was or how it was called and while walking through the streets of a modest market in the historic center of Chiang Mai I saw it for the first time. Firstly I was observing the lady eating it, then I tried it… Read More Miang