The fresh taster

  I really don’t know what it is and I couldn’t ask because the lady didn’t speak English. The only thing I know is that this snack is made from coconut. It’s better to eat it cold. During the hot times in Thailand, this snack will be able to refresh your palet. (which is needed … Continue reading The fresh taster

Sala Pao

You can compare it with a dumpling and it’s called Sala Pao. It’s a Thaï snack, which is very rich in flavour. You can choose which flavour (pork, chicken, beef etc.). If you don’t have a big stomach, than you will already be full after 1 or 2 “Sala Pao’s”. It is so that this … Continue reading Sala Pao

Coconut cake

  Firstly I thought that these cakes were like pumpkin cakes or cheesecakes, but it wasn’t the case at all. These delicious cakes are made from coconut. It’s prepared/baked in a banana leave which also gives a particular taste to this sweet Thai snack, appreciated by almost everyone. I used to taste this from the … Continue reading Coconut cake