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Questions about Japan

Hi readers, Hopefully everybody is doing great today? Here again a new week, starting with Monday!   Almost starting with my Asian trip I would like to ask you a favor or a question about Japan:   Does anybody knows somebody hosting people in their house in Japan? For people that already travelled in Japan,… Continue reading Questions about Japan

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Off to Shanghai 

Finally leaving Belgium for P.R. China! This experience can finally start, first stop is Shanghai for 9 days. After this I will be studying in Hangzhou for a few months. I would like to thank everyone who helped during the preparation-period for this trip!  You will be able to follow my stories on this blog...… Continue reading Off to Shanghai¬†

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Hi everybody, I've always loved to travel, and always told my parents I would travel after that I would be graduated, so do I now! You will be able to follow my trip throughout this vlog! I will be traveling to Thailand, Nepal, Japan and many other countries for almost 6 months, starting from the… Continue reading About