Wat Dok Euang

Do you like art? Paintings? Are you that kind of persons who wants to express your creativity in music, art or another beautiful thing? Than this temple is what you are looking for in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This is a recommendation post, so I will let you enjoy the pictures without talking too much about … Continue reading Wat Dok Euang

Hit the ground

  Do you want to party or relax after a busy day visiting Chiang Mai or other beautiful places? ‘Hit the ground’ is probably the answer to your needs, if you like to have a good time with local people. I really liked this bar. You can eat and drink whatever you like. You can … Continue reading Hit the ground


        Ok, I really have to talk about the American convenience stores which have flooded Thailand (in a positive way). It is so that you can find 7-Eleven’s everywhere in the city or in the boroughs. It’s just crazy how the chain has implanted itself in this country. But that’s far away … Continue reading 7-Eleven