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Lisbon, Portugal!

I really felt in love with the Portuguese culture, the people are so friendly and damn good in English! I truly recommend to everybody to visit once Portugal, an amazing atmosphere full of fresh food and healthy first Mediterranean food. I cannot express how much admiration I have for Portuguese people's English, I study in… Continue reading Lisbon, Portugal!

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Salamanca, the magic city of Spain! Check out my time-lapse that I did about Salamanca, a city close from Madrid! I used to study here for 5 months, and about to leave in two weeks. It was the exact moment to make this video.   Thanks for following the Youtube-channel, for more. I'll soon be traveling in Asia, and will… Continue reading Salamanca, the magic city of Spain!

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New Instagram account for my backVLOG

Please follow and share my account with your friends that love to travel or who aren't lucky enough to explore the world, and in this case ASIA! Thank you in advance for your support, I am putting a lot of time in it because I love, so do I hope you also do... Link: Instagram… Continue reading New Instagram account for my backVLOG

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Questions about Japan

Hi readers, Hopefully everybody is doing great today? Here again a new week, starting with Monday!   Almost starting with my Asian trip I would like to ask you a favor or a question about Japan:   Does anybody knows somebody hosting people in their house in Japan? For people that already travelled in Japan,… Continue reading Questions about Japan

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Introduction to my Asian trip

Hi everybody,   It's a long time that I have been posting something on my blog, because I was busy with studying abroad. Finally I'm back on the track, in a few weeks I'll will start the trip of my dream! I will be traveling in more than 6 Asian countries for almost six months,… Continue reading Introduction to my Asian trip


General information about arriving in China

  I do not know if you must do this in every Chinese city, but when I arrived I Shanghai (China) I had to register myself at the local police station. ‘Residence registration in China’ is what you should Google. You do not have to follow these guidelines if you are staying in a hotel,… Continue reading General information about arriving in China


Planning of ‘The Big Trip’

I would like to ask you, yes you! The person who is reading this post, to help with planning my trip to Asia. My curiosity for asian culture started to grow after my trips to Thailand and China. I am leaving to China for an internship, this Thursday. After this I will be graduated and… Continue reading Planning of ‘The Big Trip’


Wat Dok Euang

Do you like art? Paintings? Are you that kind of persons who wants to express your creativity in music, art or another beautiful thing? Than this temple is what you are looking for in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This is a recommendation post, so I will let you enjoy the pictures without talking too much about… Continue reading Wat Dok Euang


Poppy’s in Chiang Mai…

  This is also a recommendation post. You should really try this restaurant. It isn’t a local restaurant, but more like a chain I think, but that doesn’t matter. It’s more about having a great time with your friends, family or other people you love/like. With this food the whole story/moment will be complete…`  … Continue reading Poppy’s in Chiang Mai…