Another day, another Chinese memory 

I went to an event of Thomas Cook China with a friend, this weekend. We met a lot of people from around the world, very nice to talk with them.  After my first week of internship I also tried to visit some places and meet other friends to enjoy our time in this city. Next… Continue reading Another day, another Chinese memory 


Quality time in the beautiful city of Shanghai

Spending a lot of time with my friends during the free time we have. There are so many things to do in Shanghai, it's very crowded but you get used to it.  I was walking on Nanjing Road (one of the busiest streets of Shanghai), and lost my subway-card. I did the way back and… Continue reading Quality time in the beautiful city of Shanghai


Fresh Chinese food is just heaven!

Food is heaven in China (if you like Asian food! You should try it out even if you do not like Chinese food in Europe. The taste is totally different, so visit a typical Chinese restaurant and than you can say if you like it or not. Chinese cuisine is very diversified, you literally have… Continue reading Fresh Chinese food is just heaven!


General information about arriving in China

  I do not know if you must do this in every Chinese city, but when I arrived I Shanghai (China) I had to register myself at the local police station. ‘Residence registration in China’ is what you should Google. You do not have to follow these guidelines if you are staying in a hotel,… Continue reading General information about arriving in China


Feeling home in Shanghai, 我很高兴!

These picture were taken during te first day of my stay in Shanghai. I will be in Shanghai for almost 3 months, my internship starts tomorrow.  I will visit as much as I can, Shanghai has a lot of nice places. That's why I will recommend you some places and give you some tips, to… Continue reading Feeling home in Shanghai, 我很高兴!


Heading to China, happiest boy on earth! 

Today is the day. I am finally heading to Shanghai for my internship in a Belgian organization. I will be in China for only 10 weeks, it's better than nothing but I would stay longer.  Chinese culture is one I started to appreciate a few months ago, I love this long and interesting culture a… Continue reading Heading to China, happiest boy on earth! 


Planning of ‘The Big Trip’

I would like to ask you, yes you! The person who is reading this post, to help with planning my trip to Asia. My curiosity for asian culture started to grow after my trips to Thailand and China. I am leaving to China for an internship, this Thursday. After this I will be graduated and… Continue reading Planning of ‘The Big Trip’


From Thailand to Laos in 10 minutes

After taking the bus from Chiang Rai to Chiang Khong, we went to Chiang Saen in order to visit 'The Golden Triangle". This place is the border between 3 countries: Myanmar (Burma), Laos and last but not least Thailand. I've always wanted to visit this place and finally we did. We took the boat to… Continue reading From Thailand to Laos in 10 minutes


Here she is

Amalia is finally born! She is a very healthy baby girl, surrounded by her lovely family. A strong girl since the first day! Being a godfather means that I will help her if she has some issues, listen to her stories, taking care of her. Helping her parents with putting her on the right track,… Continue reading Here she is