I cannot stop this delicious food! 

Goodmorning everyone. How are you doing today? It’s been a while that I was active on “The Gypsy Hiker”s blog, but I was so busy but I am back! Still being Shanghai for my internship, in five weeks I will go back to Belgium before leaving to Spain for 5 months! 

“The Gypsy Hiker”
Spicy chicken with nuts Crab meat with a lovely sauce

One thought on “I cannot stop this delicious food! 

  1. The colors in the photos are so vivid. I have not eaten avocado for such a long time and your photo makes me want to rush out and buy some. Life does become busy at times – so glad you are back. Where will you be in Spain and what will you be doing there? My husband and I are heading there soon and are so excited as this will be my first visit to Spain.

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