Sweetest dessert I’ve…

I found a picture of a colorful dessert (Thaï) on Facebook a few months ago, so I tagged a Thaï friend, asking him what this was. He answered me that we would make it together when I would be in Thailand.

‘Bualoi’ is the Thaï name of this very nice-to-make dessert, I probably also have to say that this is the most colorful dessert I’ve ever made, seen or tasted. I will call it the ‘equality dessert’…


Everything is made with natural ingredients. The colors come from vegetables or flowers that we found in the garden or forest in front of the house (except pink). Quiet nice to cook this way, instead of buying everything in the supermarket. We bought the other ingredients at the local market of the village.


It’s Mr. Ping, the father of Jack, my Thaï friend, who showed us how to make ‘Bualoi’. It didn’t take that much time to add all the ingredients together, but it took time to make the shapes which are added to the coconut milk at the end.

We used the coconut-powder to make coconutmilk, putting hot and cold water on the powder will produce milk after pressing it with your hands (I love to do this job).

The next step was shaping the paste into balls.


Below you can find how to create the different colors:

Orange = pumpkin

Green = the head of a leak

Pink = syrop

Purple = flower

The whole family helped to make it, because as I said, it took a long time to make this. We put them in flower to avoid that they would stick to each other. After this we all cooked them in hot water, before putting them in coconutmilk added with sugar to give a sweet taste.


  • Ping asked me, ‘Do you want to add the sugar?’ I said ‘No thank you, you can do it. I am not used to making this dessert, so I don’t know how much to add.’
  • He did it, but we were talking so much that he added too much sugar, it was sooooo sweet, really sweet. It wasn’t on purpose. He added water afterwards and everything was fixed again.

We had so much so fun while making this Thaï dessert, we listened to some music, we talked about the youth of my friend, about Mr. Ping’ education etc. I’ve really appreciated this moment in ‘Tak’ province, 3 hours from Chiang Mai (Northern Thailand).

‘Kab koon krab, Mr. Ping”


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